Embden Maine

 Ron Johnson

Trainer / Instructor

I have had a passion and love for horses since I was a child.  I was not able to have a horse when I was young and this only enhanced my desire to learn everything I could about horsemanship.  I have read many books and studied techniques from some of what I believe to be the greatest horseman.  I am very thankful it went that way for me. Having a good understanding of things before getting into something is a great way to go.

My dream has always been to have a career working with horses. The bug hit me early at about 6 yrs old when my parents took us riding at a friends farm. Later once I was driving and had a car, I would go to places where I could go on trail rides. Realizing that just being up on a horse following a group really wasn't riding, In 1990 I decided to sign myself and my 2 boys up for formal English riding lessons at a well known stable in North Andover  MA where we rode for almost 3 years. In the beginning some of the school horses were a little quirky. So I started to study up on ways to help my lessons become more enjoyable. At the time I thought I was fixing the school horses but I soon found out that they only got better because I was making more sense to them.  In 1995 I finally got my own farm to start pursuing this dream.  In the Spring of 1999 I adopt 2 un-gentled mustangs from Nevada and gentle them.  They became the most amazing trail horses.  That process lead me down the path in which I was able to help other horse owners with their equine companions.

We have been here in Embden, ME since 2005. Working to get ourselves to where we could be productive in helping others took some time. In 2010 we started letting people know we were here and able to help. Over the past 5 years the word has spread. People now know of what my capabilities are. Whereas I don’t have just one place where I drew my knowledge and experience, and I don’t have a degree or certification from any course of study, it took time for word to get out that I am truly qualified to help them and their horse.

Although I use a lot of the same principals and techniques as others do. The program I use is a bit different. It’s a form of least resistance training. The foundation is communicating through thought with a focused flow of energy. Not only that your horse understands you but that you understand your horse. Of course we need the horse to focus on us first before we ask anything so they will understand and respond to our request. But we also need to be very aware of what we are saying to them and what they are saying to us. Expression, Body language, and Energy says so much. It can tell you what they are thinking. By understanding their thoughts and responding to them before they become an action, we can guide their thoughts. In this way, The horses own mind activates the needed muscles they need to do the job. None of the muscles we don't want will be activated which means no bracing or resisting. Once you have this you won't need to push them with your leg or pull them with your rein.  It’s a leadership base without showing them who is boss. We allow their mind to do all the heavy lifting. They learn to respect and trust us more because we fulfill their needs and they naturally see us as a confidant qualified leader. This helps you build a strong solid relationship.

An example of how I work would be, if I was standing in front of a horse and they turned their head away from me, instead of pulling on a lead rope I move in the other direction and draw their attention back to me. Most of the time I do this in the round pen or loose in an arena anyway before ever putting them in a halter and lead.  Another example would be, while mounted, I work on getting the horse to look where I look without using a leg or the reins. At first you will probably need to now and then, but very soon they learn to feel you and focus where you focus. Before I go on a ride with a horse I practice this with the horse to evaluate how well we are connected at that time. It tells me how safe we are to go out on a ride. I make sure I have this pretty well before introducing them to a bit. This way, even a harsh bit would be very mild. With this kind of response you never need anything more than a snaffle, Or you could use a rope halter and tie the lead for reins and have great control. Every horse that goes through one of our programs, can be ridden without any misbehavior, without having to lunge them or run them in a round pen to burn off their excess energy first. They are normally calm and ready when I go get them.

We welcome people to make an appointment to come out and watch a few training sessions. We also have demonstrations and clinics for people to come see. 

As always we welcome any and all questions. Contact by phone, Email, Text, or Facebook. We are always happy to help.

Ron knows that every horse is different just like every human is different.  He can work with you to design a custom training program that will best fit you and your horse.  Ron will also be holding some horsemanship clinics  and demonstrations that teach human and horse some communication methods from basic ground manners to advanced riding techniques.  Check the Upcoming Events page for date and times of these clinics. Below are some of the topics that will be covered in various clinics and demonstrations


    • Basic Ground Manners
    • Making a Better Connection
    • Working With Emotions
    • Leading With Confidence
    • Advance Leading
    • Basic Riding
    • Advanced Riding
    • Aggression Control and Management
    • Round Pen Training Methods
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