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These classes are 2 hrs long and will teach you the fundamentals of horsemanship from ground to saddle. You will be able to learn at your own skill level and pace, with your own horse or one of ours. These  classes are open to all skill levels and disciplines. They can be scheduled anytime you would like one as long as there is a minimum of 2 in the class.
The cost is
$40 per group class. A discount of $5 per class for blocks of 10 classes pre-paid. If you would like to come by and watch a class before participating we would encourage you to do that.


Clinics will vary in pricing depending on the type of Clinic. 
All day participation will be
$100 if we travel to you or
$75 if you travel to R Jay's Farm
Hourly booking Clinics will be
$75 if we travel to you or
$40 if you travel to R Jay's Farm
Special pricing is available for Clubs and Groups.
Also Multi Day Clinics may be discounted.
Spectator's $15 each or $10 each for groups of 2 or more


$15 each or $10 each for groups of 2 or more
Some Demonstrations and Seminars will be offered at no charge. Check the Scheduled Events page for more info.

RIDING LESSONS / Training Sessions

Both are $40 per hr.  A  discount of $5 per hour on blocks of 10 hours pre-paid.  You can learn on one of our horses or your own.


Flat Rate of $50 plus $.80 per mile traveled
Other expenses may apply.
Due to changing fuel prices, this rate is subject to change


Contact us for a free evaluation.  We can design a program that best fits your needs


This program recommends owner participation a minimum of 2 days per week at no extra charge
Your horse will get worked 5 days per week and we throw in lessons for you at no extra charge
Pricing is
$250 per week or
$900 per month
which covers hay
Owners will be responsible for grain, supplements, farrier, vet, etc....

Discounts offered for each additional month
paying in advance on
longer stays or multiple horses.
 Paying in advance on a 3 month program is $2400.


$400 (This program consist of 12 - 15 hours of training spread out over a 7 day period)  We will teach your horse to be caught easily, accept a halter/bridle, lead quietly, give to pressure, accept the bit, saddle and rider.  They will also be taught to move off quietly and in control.  We will provide a follow-up upon your request
This program is not recommended for everyone and should only be for experienced riders and horse people. 


Please check our Upcoming Events page for a complete list and description of our Horsemanship Clinics, Demo's and Seminars.  If you are interested in any of the topics we will be covering or have a suggestion on one you would like to see, please contact us.

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