Beyond Horsemanship


Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Inhibition

Humans, Horses, Dogs or any other animal can suffer from any of these conditions. 

These conditions are created because of many factors. Such as, Over stimulation, Limited stimulation, Resistance, and Lack of knowledge and understanding.

Working through problems and situations with animals, communicating with them through our thoughts and actions, helps us see things in a different light. It gives us a better understanding of things in ways we never could dream possible. Each and every success builds confidence. Which in turn removes Fear and Inhibition. Therefore relieving and\or curing any fear or worry based condition.

Look into that Eye and you can see a calm relaxed soul.

Team Building

By learning the skills necessary to communicate through your thought and energy. You discover all the strengths and weaknesses in all parties involved. Learning to do so in a non-judgmental way will show you where and how to address issues in the most productive way. Learning to let go and trust another member of a team to do the job they are best suited for.

Relationship Building

In whatever you do and wherever you go, there will always be Relationships to build, manage and maintain. The quality of these relationships will directly affect any process or outcome  due to the thought process and emotions of those that are involved.

Working with animals, or people, the relationship is the most important aspect. Our primary focus is to learn to understand all the wants, needs, thought processes, and emotions in us and others, in order to create a relationship that is meaningful, productive and beneficial to all.

Problem Solving

Everywhere in life we run in to problems we need to work through in order to solve them and move on. 

In Horsemanship and using the Tai Chi principles in Horsemanship, we try to address problems in ways that they work themselves out. By using least resistant methods, Only the needed energies will be applied. Least resistant, helps remove resistance. Once the resistance is removed, the problem tends to work itself out. 

There are always problems and challenges in life. Why not learn new ways to face them?

Enjoyable Exercise

Playing with Horses, Dogs and likeminded people in the fresh outdoor air is a great way to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. What better way is there to get fresh air and exercise, than to do it in a way that so enjoyable. Every aspect requires movement. But the best part is, you don't even realize you're exercising because you are enjoying it so much.

Living In Harmony

By building an understanding of flow and energy and how it creates and effects thoughts, emotions and outcomes, we can start to live a life a little more in harmony with our surroundings.