Programs - Lessons- Classes


Training and Lessons

Training and lessons are available here at R Jay's Farm or at your location. Pricing for lessons and training is by the hour. Our hourly Rate is $40

They can be used in a multiple of ways tailored to your needs.

If traveling to you is necessary, distance will dictate the additional cost. Please contact us for this pricing and availability.


Training board

Training board is available weekly or monthly and includes Hay and a minimum of 5 sessions per week. (Owner participation is strongly recommended at no additional cost)

Weekly Training Board   

$250 per week

Monthly Training Board 

$900 first month

$850 second month 

$800 for any additional months

Horsemanship Classes

Horsemanship classes are 2 hr group classes done in a mini clinic fashion. They are tailored to the individual needs of the participants and their horses. Usually half on the ground and half in the saddle. But each case is different and will be what ever you or your Horse needs in that moment.

They are done by request and can be scheduled any time or day for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 Horse and Rider pairs.

Cost is $40 per Horse and Rider

Tai Chi Horsemanship Classes

Done in the same format as the Horsemanship Classes, but the focus is put directly on the Tai Chi Principals that will help benefit us in our Horsemanship. On the Ground and in the Saddle. 

Tai Chi Principles have uncountable benefit to us for our everyday life.

By putting together things like, Thoughts and Emotions, Balance, Energy and Movement. We can learn how to better use our energy and move more effortless. Staying balanced Physically and Emotionally. even when we need the extra bursts of energy. We become more fluent, supple, and more capable with less effort. 


Clinics can be scheduled to be done here at R Jay's Farm or at any other location. They can cover any topic of your groups desire. 

We currently don't schedule Clinics , then try to fill them. But if you have a few people interested in a Clinic of a certain topic, We will schedule it and if there are a few extra spots, we will help you fill them.

Cost on Clinics vary depending on Format, Location, and Duration.

Please inquire for pricing.


Your Interests Are Impotant To Us

Please feel free to contact us with any interest you may have. We are very flexible and can usually accommodate any needs you or your group may have.  

At any time you can schedule a trip out to R Jay's Farm for a visit. To chat, watch a lesson or training session, or just to see the Horses. We would be happy to show you around.